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With a focus on high traffic areas in San Juan metro, Spider Billboards has grown into one of the most relevant Media outdoor companies in Puerto Rico. Spider Billboards is a family-owned company with more than 14 locations and more to come with an exceptional customer relationship motto. Its organic growth has allowed the company to continue innovation throughout the entire portfolio. With clients ranging from private to public sector, Spider Billboards is at its pinnacle.

Spider is changing the way you look at out-of-home advertising with our premium locations and spectacular vertical structures. We make sure your ads are not overlooked. Portrait Digital ads will always stand out from the clutter of the typical landscape format 14' x 48' market. By allowing us to create ads inspired by magazines campaigns, vertical formats will give your advertising campaign an urban authentic style.


    • San Juan Metro area (highest traffic)

    • Vertical has better appeal and effectiveness

    • Street level attention focus

    • High pedestrian areas

    • Uncluttered locations

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